Falling in LovEE with Emily’s Entourage: Meet Pam


As sweatshirts and boots make their way out of the backs of our closets, and the leaves begin to change color, we are reminded it’s officially fall in Philadelphia, PA. And it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with fall. After all, who can resist candy corn, pumpkin spice everything, and an excuse to rock your EE winter hat? Our affection for the fall season got us thinking about all the things we lovEE, and let’s be honest—there are few things we love more than our amazing, brilliant, compassionate and unparalleled Entourage. But like all healthy relationships, this one’s not one sided. Today’s guest blogger is EE superstar Pam Kline, communications guru and treasured voluntEEr, who writes about her lovEE affair with Emily’s Entourage.

Emily and I met the way most love stories begin… through a mutual colleague! While chatting with a coworker at Penn Medicine about local volunteer opportunities, she mentioned that I should reach out to Emily about Emily’s Entourage because she thought we’d really hit it off. We were certainly compatible by most relationship standards.  We both went to Penn for undergrad, had joined sororities, subsequently worked at Penn, and have a passion for talking all things patient engagement. A match made in heaven, right?! A few weeks later, we met for coffee at La Colombe and together we dreamt up all the ways I could get involved.

While I liked Emily and her mother Liza right away, what made me really fall for them was when I realized that their relationship was just like my relationship with my own mom. A relationship firmly built on love, trust, protection, and selflessnessthe kind of mother/daughter bond that makes other mothers and daughters jealous.I immediately felt at home in Liza and Emily’s company.

Emily and her mom, Liza, celebrating her birthday.

We dove into the mission of Emily’s Entourage, how it began, and why it is different than most other nonprofits. Having worked for many years in major medical centers developing Oncology patient programs, I was intrigued by the organization’s dedication to disrupting the system through unique partnerships and fiercely focused research plans. During the last year, our lovEE affair has blossomed. From newsletters, to grant announcements, to fundraising materials,  I’ve been honored to develop communications about the many accomplishments of Emily’s Entourage. My experience at EE has been like no other.

I’ve quickly learned that by joining the Entourage, you are not just a volunteer…you are part of the family.

Last year, I also attended my first Evening with Emily’s Entourage gala. The event’s theme, “Breaking Through,” truly encapsulated all of the reasons that I fell in love with Emily’s Entourage. 

Me with my friend Mindy at the 5th Annual Evening with Emily’s Entourage.

From a paradigm-shifting approach to research, to novel partnerships with academia and for-profits, to boundless energy from volunteers, Emily’s Entourage truly breaks the mold.

I have met wonderful people through my affiliation with Emily’s Entourage, from marathon runners to some of the best rare-disease researchers in the world, all with an overwhelming love for this worthy cause. I am continually moved by the tremendous dedication and enthusiasm of the diverse group of people that power this unstoppable Entourage. The individuals in front and behind the scenes show an unparalleled generosity of spirit that continues to provide hope to those searching for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. It’s pretty hard not to lovEE that. 

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