EE Reflects on the Past…and Looks to the Future…

As another successful CF Awareness Month comes to a close, all of us at Emily’s Entourage are taking a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come……

When we pressed “send” on our very first fundraising email, we weren’t sure what donation goal to set or how high we could let our dreams soar. Thanks to your incredible support, in less than 3 years, we have raised over $650,000! That number simply astounds us! Not only because it represents tangible progress towards life-saving research, but also because it signifies how dedicated and robust our Entourage has become. At this year’s annual “Evening with Emily’s Entourage” event we had over 350 attendees and after they each reached out to their own networks to disseminate our message for our annual campaign, our Entourage expanded even further.

We have spread our message of awareness far and wide, as evidenced by the creation of EE chapters on multiple college campuses and pictures of our signature shirts traveling around the world. Emily’s voice is reaching new audiences every day; she has been featured in national press and has been invited to speaking engagements around the country.


While we are continuously thrilled with all we have accomplished thus far, we are also looking towards the future……

So, what’s next, you may ask?

We know that the future lies in research and that’s why, over the past few months, we have created a cell line with Emily’s rare genetic mutations of CF and distributed it to labs around the world. Our hope is that research on these cell lines will lead to new treatments and breakthroughs that will ultimately change the course of this disease for Emily and many others, particularly those with rare mutations of CF. We are close to sharing some exciting new research developments you won’t want to miss, so stay tuned!

Every single day we are touched and inspired by all of you. When you reach out to let us know of a new fundraising idea, when you purchase an EE tank for an upcoming trip, when a donation comes in from a new supporter, or when you share our social media posts, we know that we are making a difference.

Our promise is that we won’t stop; we can’t stop, until CF is cured or controlled. We remain committed to making sure Emily, and everyone else living with CF, has the chance to accomplish all of their life goals and dreams.

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