THE Emily of Emily’s Entourage Speaks at Tulane University

SPOTTED: THE Emily, of Emily’s Entourage, motivating a room full of 100+ Tulane students to get out and make a difference by choosing a path of action in their lives.

Okay, so maybe Emily’s presence in New Orleans last week isn’t being documented by celebrity blogs, but walking around with Emily on campus at Tulane does feel like being a part of a rock star’s entourage. Her name is chalked all across campus and you literally cannot turn your head without seeing a spirited Tulane student sporting a white and purple tank top (there are now three editions being worn). Even when we dined at a restaurant off campus, Emily still couldn’t go unnoticed as the hero behind the cause that has swept Tulane.

Emily’s most recent campus visit was part of the final push to sell tank tops as entrance tickets to the big annual bash hosted by the Tulane chapter of Emily’s Entourage each year – bringing together more than 750 of students and raising $13,000 in support of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) research with this year’s event. (For what it’s worth, we’re pretty positive the college Emily that we knew would be MORTIFIED if her name were plastered on shirts worn by 1 of 6 students at UPenn…hopefully that’s only a matter of time.)

The Panhellenic Council invited Emily to campus to inspire its members with her incredible story. And on Thursday, March 26, Emily did just that. She spoke about her daily struggles with CF and shed light on the challenges she faced in getting comfortable sharing her story. Emily described the incredible rise of Emily’s Entourage and how our charity was launched from a small idea that Emily’s family had to take action against this devastating disease.

With her story, Emily inspired the students of Tulane to make a difference by always choosing the path of action. Action – clicking send on that first Emily’s Entourage video – is what propelled Emily to her status as an on-campus celebrity, but more importantly, to a place of sincere hope that the cure or control for her CF is within reach.

Emily thanked the Tulane community for taking action and embracing Emily’s Entourage as an important cause on campus; she thanked the more than 3,000 Tulane students who have taken action by purchasing a tank with that little hot air balloon of hope and raising WELL OVER $35,000 AND COUNTING. And perhaps most importantly, Emily acknowledged that these actions taken by the students at Tulane have inspired 6 ADDITIONAL colleges to create EE chapters on their campuses, raising awareness and funds across the country.

Emily left the room of Tulane students with hope and encouragement to continue to choose the path of action, for it has already brought about incredible success for Emily’s Entourage. Up next? We’re aiming (and working hard) for a cure. And we won’t stop until we get there. After all, everyone deserves the chance for a deep breath.

Emily at Tulane's Annual Benefit, "A Night Out with Emily's Entourage"

Emily at Tulane’s Annual Benefit, “A Night Out with Emily’s Entourage”

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  1. I could feel the positive energy and dedicated enthusiasm of this event just from reading this post. It sounds like your organization is coming up with some really unique, fun, young events which really impresses me. Congrats on your success!

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