Where in the World is Emily’s Entourage?

We recently launched an exciting new campaign at Emily’s Entourage and we need YOUR help!

Emily’s Entourage wants to snap photos of YOU in a cool place or funny pose wearing the Emily’s Entourage t-shirt. The purpose? To track all the AWESOME places where Emily’s Entourage travels. We’ll call it “Where in the Wold is Emily’s Entourage?”

So here’s how it works. You wear your Emily’s Entourage t-shirt, you go or do something awesome, you snap a photo and you post it on the Emily’s Entourage Facebook page. Then we’ll take it from there!

So next time you are traveling to an exotic, historic or just downright cool place, make sure to bring your Emily’s Entourage shirt! We also would love to see pictures in your home cities as well. The more hamming it up for the camera, the better!

We can’t wait to see where in the world Emily’s Entourage truly is! So far, we already have amazing pictures from Costa Rica, South Beach, Times Square and more!

Thank you all for helping spread our message worldwide!







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