Tulane’s Throw Down at Uptown for Emily’s Entourage

On April 10, Emily’s brother Coby and the incredibly dedicated EE team at Tulane organized a major fundraiser called “Throw Down at Uptown for Emily’s Entourage” at Tulane University.

The basic idea: A throwback 80’s and 90’s themed party at the aptly named New Orleans bar, Uptown Frat House.

The ticket to the party: A special, newly designed Emily’s Entourage tank top. Yes, that’s right, the tank top WAS your entry ticket to the party!

The idea of a room filled with EE tank tops? Pretty amazing, if you ask us!

The Tulane crew sold over 1,000 shirts and raised over $13,000! That means 1 out of every 7 students bought a shirt, donated to the cause and officially joined the Entourage!

The best part: All of the proceeds raised from the party go directly to Emily’s Entourage to help our quest to cure CF.

Although those of us in Philly couldn’t make it to the party, we were there in spirit and heard it was a tremendous success. We would like to specially thank Coby and his amazing crew at Tulane. You guys are awe-inspiring and we couldn’t be prouder or more grateful for your tireless hard work, dedication and passion!

They made an incredible video invitation to the event, which you can view here.

Also, see below for some pics leading up to the event and the party itself!

– EE

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