Emily’s Entourage speaks at TEDxLMSD

On Monday, June 4, Emily’s Entourage was honored to speak at TEDxLMSD about social change and youth activism. Organized by Lower Merion and Harriton High School students, the event was hosted by Lower Merion School District in Lower Merion High School’s 100-person Black Box Theater. The seats were filled by high school students.

Emily, Coby and Julia of Emily’s Entourage spoke about youth activism in the era of social media. Julia opened the talk by discussing the story and motivation for creating Emily’s Entourage. Coby took the audience through the journey where a simple idea in the living room grew into a fully operational organization that has raised nearly $200,000 and is moving full speed ahead. Emily closed by discussing the impact of social activism on a personal and global level.

The event highlighted the unprecedented changes that young people are making around the world. The purpose was to empower high school students by showing them what is possible, how to achieve it and where to start to create impactful change.

The event was part of the TEDx program, a subsidiary of TEDTalks, which are designed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading” through compelling 18-minute talks on a range of cutting-edge topics. TEDxTalks are community-organized events that share the same basic TED-like experience at a local level. They feature a handful of live speakers on a particular topic to provoke dialogue and deep thinking within a small group and then provide videos of talk online for free for a wider audience.

The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized. The “x” in TEDx denotes that it is an independently organized TED event.

Emily, Coby and Julia are honored to have participated in this extraordinary event and thank everyone who helped make it possible.

TEDx Talk Video: Emily’s Entourage: Youth Activism in the Era of Social Media

And finally, check out some pictures of the event below!

For more information about the event, click here.

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