EE Spotlight on: Nickie Boston

Today, we are very excited to continue “The EE Board Spotlight Series,” which highlights different members of the Emily’s Entourage Board of Directors. The goal of the “Spotlight Series” is to provide the random, funny, interesting and revealing information that you just don’t find in a formal bio paragraph. This week, we are thrilled to spotlight Nickie Boston!

My name is: Nickie Boston

Last TV show I watched is: Anthony Bourdain- Parts Unknown

Last song I listened to is: Listening to Pandora right now (Amy Winehouse Radio) Nina Simone

My favorite gift ever: My Family

My favorite/dream vacation destination is: Brazil

My favorite food is: Crème Brulee

If I was stuck on a deserted island with only one item, it would be: A toss-up between an espresso maker or my iPhone (Wi-Fi unlimited data for streaming music!)

At EE, I work on: the Strategic Plan, the Marketing and PR committee, and I co-chaired this year’s Evening with EE Event

My connection to Emily’s Entourage is: Angela Olcott, a dear friend. She died in 1993 and I met Emily and Liza around 1990. I have been connected to CF for a long time.

My vision for Emily’s Entourage is: HUGE…Save Lives…Save Emily…We are on our way!


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