Buy art. Show the boss some love. Cure CF.

Please see below for a special post from one of EE’s own, Becca Denenberg. We cannot thank Becca and her family enough for their incredible dedication to EE!

Becca’s Post:

Hi All!

If you haven’t checked out the Bruce Springsteen pictures that are up for auction on charitybuzz, you are definitely missing out.  These pictures are original and unique.  The best part?  The proceeds support Emily’s Entourage!  Raising funds in anyway possible all leads to the shared, ultimate goal of Emily’s Entourage: Find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

For those of you that have not heard of charitybuzz, it is the world’s largest online auction website that raises money for nonprofits.  Working hand in hand with nonprofit clients, celebrities, corporate partners, bidders and donors, charitybuzz is a company that has made a difference in so many ways for so many amazing nonprofit organizations.  Since it’s founding in 2004, charitybuzz has raised over $50 MILLION dollars for over 1,000 nonprofit partners.  Since so many nonprofits have benefitted from holding auctions on charitybuzz, it is time for Emily’s Entourage to become one of those nonprofit partners as well!

I have not only had the privilege of working with Emily’s Entourage, but also of working as a Business Development Intern with the team at charitybuzz.  So, by no surprise, I wanted to create a charitybuzz auction for Emily’s Entourage.  The team at charitybuzz is comprised of incredible people who really care to make a difference.  The employees at charitybuzz know how to create, promote and maximize an auction to raise the most funds possible.  In this new era of fundraising, charitybuzz has created a platform to raise funds in a creative and unique way.  What better way to launch an Emily’s Entourage auction on charitybuzz?  Have my dad, David Denenberg, a veteran rock photographer donate Bruce Springsteen pictures from his collection.

There are five amazing pictures up for auction on charitybuzz.  The photos were taken by Phil Ceccola, a rock photographer who has been featured in major magazines, on television and in books.  The pictures document Bruce Springsteen at a pivotal moment in his career and are a rare glimpse into the historic past of the boss, captured before Bruce was “Born To Run”, and these pictures can be YOURS.

The five original framed photos feature a bearded Bruce Springsteen performing with Clarence and Max, Bruce in the studio with retro headphones, Bruce messing on stage with a muted Clarence smiling in background, Bruce seated in a chair playing a Gibson and Bruce peeking out from behind the bathroom door.

So please, check out these pictures and bid on charitybuzz.  And don’t forget – there is more to come.  Please spread the message:  Buy art.  Show the boss some love. Cure CF.


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