EExtraordinary Donors: Why I support Emily’s Entourage, Part 2

Emily’s Entourage has the most generous, thoughtful and dedicated donors – more than 1,000 and counting! We thought it was high time to say thanks and share some recognition by shining the spotlight on some of our incredible donors and what drives them to give to Emily’s Entourage and the fight to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

Meet our next EExtraordinary Donor, “Erica from Miami”

What’s your connection or how did you find out about Emily’s Entourage?

Emily and I met during her freshman year at UPenn when she joined my sorority. I was lucky enough to have Emily as my “little little sister” in the house, which basically meant a lot of meals, outings, parties, sorority functions, mutual support and bonding. It was during a Greek leadership weekend retreat when we really grew close. There’s nothing like a sleepover party, candy, late-night girl talk and lung treatments/exercises to bring you even closer to a sister.

During those college days together I learned a lot about Cystic Fibrosis—a disease I had previously known very little about. And I quickly learned how optimistic, dedicated, funny, smart, witty, passionate, strong and loving Emily is. I learned how much she adores her family and friends and how she would do anything for them. And I learned how lucky I am to have a friend who possesses all of those qualities.

Why do you give to Emily’s Entourage?

Emily’s Entourage represents everything that Emily (or as I call her, EKG) embodies: strength, courage, love, determination and above all, optimism. Though over the years EKG and I have settled in different cities and our college days are long behind us, but we still have a bond that started almost 10 years ago and has changed me forever. I would do anything to help and be a part of a cause so close to Emily’s heart and her life.

What impact do you hope your gift will have?

I hope that my gift will help to put an end to Cystic Fibrosis and will show EKG and the 30,000 other people with CF how much they inspire me to live life to the fullest every day. And I hope that not just my gift, but also my support will help to spread the word for Emily’s Entourage.

Thank you Erica for being one of our amazing EE donors and friends!

The EExtraordinary Donor series will continue regularly on the EE blog. We want to shine the light on YOU next. Let us know why you support Emily’s Entourage by filling out this quick survey. Thank you!

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