EE Spotlight on Joan Denenberg

This week, we are very excited to continue “The EE Board Spotlight Series,” which highlights different members of the Emily’s Entourage Board of Directors. The goal of the “Spotlight Series” is to provide the random, funny, interesting and revealing information that you just don’t find in a formal bio paragraph. This week, we are thrilled to spotlight Joan Denenberg!

My name is: Joan Boroff Denenberg

Last TV show I watched is: Castle

Last song I listened to is: Wrecking Ball

Something most people don’t know about me is: I was a mat maid (wrestling cheerleader) in high school!

My favorite/dream vacation destination: Skiing in the Alps

If I was stuck on a deserted island with only one item, it would be: My iPhone!!!

At EE, I work on: The Jewish Outreach and Event Committees

My connection to Emily’s Entourage is: My connection to Emily’s Entourage is two-fold. Becca, my daughter, has been close friends with Emily’s brother, Coby, since middle school.  Also, my son, Jesse, is Emily’s sister, Annie’s, partner in the Lower Merion Little League Challenger Baseball Program for 6 years and counting. As a result, our families have become close friends!!

The most rewarding part of Emily’s Entourage is: Seeing the power of a few good people and some great ideas!

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