So True / So False: A playful myth-busting guide to the Evening with Emily’s Entourage Gala

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In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty excited that there is now less than one month until our annual Evening with Emily’s Entourage Gala on Saturday, December 5th! We know that many of you have questions about what the evening will entail- will this Gala be similar to others you’ve attended or heard about, what can you expect, and how can you prepare? We wanted to address these potential questions for you, in a fun, playful way, so we figured we would help squash the myths and provide some helpful hints at the same time.

The Evening with Emily’s Entourage Gala isn’t for ME, it’s for people my parents’ age.
SO FALSE! The Gala is for YOU, your friends, your parents, your parents friends, your friends parents…well, you get the picture! The event is specifically designed to include elements that appeal to a range of ages and interests, and it is a rewarding, interactive evening for everyone involved.

I guess I need to start saving my rent money in order to afford an expensive ticket just to get through the door.
SO FALSE! One general admission ticket is $75, and a ticket for someone age 30 and under is just $50. This is considerably lower than most other galas in our area! We do this intentionally to make it accessible and welcoming to all different people. There are also sponsorship packages available at various donation levels that include tickets and other benefits. You can check out all the info here:
[Please note: If you are facing financial hardship but would still like to attend the event, please contact us privately at]

The Gala is not an open house event, but rather has a specific timeline and program so it’s best if I arrive as close to 7:00pm as possible.
SO TRUE! To make sure you have the pleasure of enjoying all the parts of the Gala, we encourage you to arrive promptly at 7pm, as we try our best to stick to a clear timeline. We wouldn’t want you to miss a chance to bid on awesome auction items, taste some special treats or participate in our interactive elements before the speaking program begins. Please note: of course we understand if circumstances necessitate you arriving late or leaving early, and we still hope to see you there!

I can just ignore all the emails and social media reminders and I’ll buy my ticket at the door on the night of the event.
SO FALSE! In past years, the Gala has sold out in advance and attendance has reached maximum capacity. To ensure you are able to attend, please purchase your tickets in advance via our website.

If I’m going to the Gala, I better step up my online shopping and find a one-of-a-kind, straight off the runway ball gown so I fit in with the black tie dress code.
SO FALSE! Although many in attendance may choose to dress up, our event strikes a decidedly casual tone. Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable. No formal attire or designer dresses required! We do not have an official dress code and you’ll see attendees dressed in a wide range of attire—from cocktail dresses to jeans and a nice top.

While a full sit down dinner will not be served, I can count on eating a variety of tasty appetizers and light snacks, paired with delicious wine or beer.
SO TRUE! We aim to please and you can bet on an abundance of delectable options to choose from as light fare will be provided at the Gala. We also have a reputation for serving up a robust dessert spread and we promise this year won’t disappoint—so bring your sweet tooth!

Since there is not a seated dinner, I guess I need to choose comfortable shoes because I’ll have to stand on my feet for the entire night.
SO FALSE! Your comfort matters to us! Prior to our speaking program, hundreds of chairs will be set up in our event room so that attendees can focus on the moving content while relaxing comfortably and spending some time off their feet.

After I arrive and snap a few pics with my friends, I can leave early without missing anything.
SO FALSE! We like our events to pack a big punch, so the evening has been carefully crafted to flow from one activity into another. We aim to provide a full evening of programming and we’re willing to bet that once you arrive, you’ll quickly realize that there’s more than enough planned to keep you busy for the duration of the event.

I’m so relieved that even though I can’t make it to the event this year, I can still bid on the awesome auction items!
SO TRUE! This year we are pleased to offer mobile bidding via GalaBid, making it possible for you to bid on items from ANYWHERE. In addition, the silent auction will open the week of November 19th and you can start bidding before anyone even steps foot through the door. What a fun way to get in on the action and score some of the awesome items available this year!

Parking at these types of events is so expensive and it’s always impossible to find a spot.
SO FALSE! You’re in luck because there is ample parking at the gala AND even better,it’s all free! When you arrive, there will be both signage and volunteers to guide you and make the parking process seamless. There will also be handicap parking spots reserved- and the venue is handicap accessible with an elevator, but feel free to contact us if you have additional questions about mobility options.

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