sEEcret sauce: EE’s Ingredients for Success – Spotlight on Nick Dinges

Nick Dinges, The Go-To Guy for…. Everything EE

Over the coming months, we plan to feature a series of blog posts highlighting some of our most integral Emily’s Entourage team members. The goal is to identify the “secret sauce” that makes each of them so incredible and integral to EE’s success, and to inspire others to leverage their inner “secret sauce” too.

Nick Dinges and Emily go way back to their middle school days. After also spending their high school and college years together, Nick found the perfect opportunity to get involved with Emily’s Entourage while enrolled in Villanova’s MBA program. Tasked with providing pro bono consulting to a non-profit as a learning experience for class, Nick chose Emily’s Entourage knowing he had the skills and expertise that could help the organization move forward.

His background has been vital in helping vet potential donor database systems, organizing and analyzing expenses and financial statements, and developing a marketing presentation that Emily’s Entourage has used to pursue donors and corporate sponsorships.

Perhaps most transformative though, Nick masterminded the Emily’s Entourage Champions campaign that raised over $30K and oversaw EE’s selection of a mobile auction and giving platform that raised over $39K. He’s a jack of all trades; the person everyone goes to with problems that need someone trustworthy, resourceful and meticulous to solve them; and an invaluable member of the EE team.


“He’s super smart, thorough, strategic, resourceful and clever, but more than anything, it’s Nick’s eagerness to say yes and his incredible ability to bring the craziest ideas to fruition — and do it meticulously — that sets him apart, “ explains Emily. “I’m so personally touched by his commitment and I’m also deeply grateful on behalf of Emily’s Entourage. This past year, we’ve launched EE to new heights and I can say with confidence that we could not have done it without Nick, our MVP.”

For Nick, the time and energy he commits to Emily’s Entourage is about helping an organization to which he feels a personal connection. “I am passionate about my work here because the end goal is something I genuinely believe in and care about,” he says.

To others, Nick recommends finding a cause that provides them a deeper sense of reward for their efforts. “Honestly, you will not understand until you try, so do yourself a favor and get involved today!”

Thank you, Nick, all of us at EE are incredibly grateful!

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