sEEcret sauce: EE’s Ingredients for Success – Spotlight on Liza Kramer

Liza Kramer, the Momma Bear of Emily and EE

This blog post is part of our sEEcret sauce blog series highlighting some of our most integral Emily’s Entourage team members. The goal is to identify the “secret sauce” that makes each of them so incredible and key to EE’s success, and to inspire others to leverage their inner “secret sauce” too. To read the first post in this series click here.


Liza Kramer is Momma Bear in more ways than one. Of course, she is Emily’s mom, but she is also is the mother of Emily’s Entourage. In order to fulfill both of these responsibilities, she finds herself regularly putting in twenty hour days—“just as any mom would.”

While Liza’s remarkable work has helped Emily’s Entourage make incredible strides—from a small family meeting to a national organization replete with a highly distinguished board—her work has never been sidetracked by small accomplishments. The final goal—a cure for Emily and the thousands of other individuals faced with her mutation—is attainable and Liza’s focus continually remains on the prize. Not only could a scientific breakthrough lead to Emily finally being able to take amazingly clean, deep breaths, but it could unlock the key to curing other non-sense mutations, which account for approximately 1/3 of all genetic diseases.

One of the great keys to Liza’s and Emily’s Entourage’s success has been persistence. Liza lends poignant advice that guides many successful non-profits, including EE: “If you want something, and someone can give it, it’s not too big to ask for.” In many cases, people want to share the gifts or tools they possess, and all it takes is a simple ask, crafted with a personal touch. When it comes to finding a cure for her daughter’s disease, there’s nothing too sacred to request.


Lorri Bernstein, who met Liza when her daughter gave a TEDxTalk at LMSD with Emily, Coby and Julia, has personally experienced Liza’s gravitational pull.

“She walks into any situation, tells her story, tells Emily’s story, and always keep her eye on the ball–raising money and finding a cure.” Lorri points out, “She can make you empty your pockets, but you still love her!”

Liza’s strength lies in her selflessness; an uncanny ability to put others before herself and make each person she comes into contact with feel as if they will be a vital part of finding a cure. She can draw the most unassuming stranger into the Entourage. Nobody can say no to Liza.

“I’m here to take care of Emmie,” Liza says. “Moms do everything in their power to take of their children.”


Thank you Liza, EE and Emily couldn’t exist without you!

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