Meet the 2019 EENY Champions!

The Emily’s Entourage (EE) New York Champions Campaign recognizes and applauds young professional leaders helping to make a difference in the mission to cure Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Nominated in recognition of their philanthropic spirit, the 2019 EENY Champions are asked to leverage their individual networks to meet a fundraising goal of $1,500 each by the 4th Annual EENY on May 4, 2019. At the event, the EENY Champions are recognized for their efforts and the top fundraiser goes home with the award for the 2019 EENY Champion-Of-The-Year!

EE is absolutely blown away by the sheer commitment and dedication these individuals and teams have shown to raise funds to help its mission in accelerating breakthroughs for nonsense mutations of CF. What they have already accomplished in a short amount of time is astronomical and the organization is looking forward to what more they have in store leading up to May 4! Without further ado, it’s time to meet the 2019 EENY Champs!

2019 EENY Champions

Alex Alvarez and Laura Valasquez 

Bios coming soon! 



Alex Barron and Jake Ciorciari

Fun Fact:
“I’ve been peed on by a monkey!” – Alex

“I can do the worm!” – Jake

“Cooking, yoga, working out, spending time with friends” – Alex

“The Mets, Jets, and Rangers, yoga, naps” – Jake

Why They Got Involved With EE:
“Coby and I went to elementary school together, so we have been family friends for many years. We reconnected freshman year of college at Tulane University. My junior year I was abroad and saw Coby had posted a video about EE. The video was so inspiring that I contacted him while I was abroad to let him know that I had to be involved. The rest is history!” – Alex

“I first learned about EE during undergrad at Tulane University with Coby. After graduating, I attended the first EENY gala and was so inspired by Emily’s story that I knew I wanted to get more involved. For the past three years, I’ve been on the EENY planning committee, and this is my second time being an EENY champion. It’s such a pleasure being able to help out such an amazing family and cause.” – Jake


Kaylee Buscemi and Kirsten McQuigg

Fun Fact:
“I know every lyric to all the Spice Girl Songs.” – Kaylee

“My legal title is Lady Kirstin McQuigg, or Lady Kiki.” – Kirsten

“Reading, traveling, hiking, rollerblading with my pup” – Kaylee 

“Music, animals, natural health and wellness, traveling” – Kirsten

Why They Got Involved With EE:
“I was first introduced to EE by Emily Priebe, who is family to me, and after hearing her involvement with EE and how much of an impact it has made not only on her life but others was well, I knew this non-profit was doing incredible things, which lead me to wanting to help in any way possible.” – Kaylee

“Giving back is a personal passion of mine. I love contributing to causes so near and dear to my friends and I’m extremely grateful to support EE and Eesho Together in their efforts to find a cure for nonsense mutations of CF” – Kirsten








Alex and Will Chouraqui

Bios coming soon! 



Nicole Flora Cramer 

Fun Fact: “I own five different onesie pajamas: one with a Scandinavian print, one with Olaf and Sven from Frozen, a llama with a big rainbow heart in the middle, and two ladybugs”

Interests/Hobbies: “Dancing, arts and crafts, knitting and crochet, cooking, traveling, and flying trapeze”

Why She Got Involved With EE: “Judah Levine, my good friend since 7th grade (!), and his incredible partner Emily Priebe introduced me to EE a few months ago. Emily’s story is incredibly powerful and hits close to home for me because I have a first cousin who has a rare form of a genetic disease called muscular dystrophy. There are many causes to champion but this one stands out to me because of the statistics: the research being funded by EE has the potential to cure 12% of all genetic diseases and save 30 million lives! Who wouldn’t want to jump on board with an organization with the potential to have such a broad impact for so many patients and families?”


Allie Goldberg and Shelby Sprung 

Fun Fact:
I played Cello for 10 years.” – Allie 

“I was a dancer for 8 years” – Shelby

Bikram yoga, craft beer, exploring restaurants in NYC, indie and foreign films, traveling” – Allie

“Traveling, spin, teaching my amazing students, spending time with my niece and nephew, exploring the city” – Shelby

Why They Got Involved With EE:
I was introduced to EE through Judah Levine and Emily Priebe. The team was looking for space to host meetings, and so I offered to host at the WeWork building that I manage. They invited me to participate in the meeting that night, and I was so incredibly
inspired and knew it was an organization that I needed to be a part of!” – Allie

“I was introduced to EE through my good friend Allie Goldberg. Allie joined the team and encouraged me to get involved in memory of one of my dearest friends Christine who had CF.” – Shelby








Gabriella Heffesse 

Bio coming soon! 




Ilissa Kaye 

Fun Fact: “I just started working for Van Leeuwen Ice Cream as the Marketing Manager. I took the job because I eat so much ice cream in the summer that without the job, I’d probably go broke.” 

Interests/Hobbies: “Food, exercising, spending time outdoors, exploring the amazing NYC”

Why She Got Involved With EE: “I met Emily in 2017 and, if you’ve ever heard Emily share her story, you know her dedication and spirit inspires the WORLD to get involved. The fight is worth every ounce of energy and I knew I needed to be a champion for her.”




Eva Laskowski 

Fun Fact: “I can be seen on Google Maps street view!”

Interests/Hobbies: “Exploring new places in NYC, reading, skiing, doing anything Game of Thrones related”

Why She Got Involved With EE: “I was introduced to the incredible organization by my good friends Emily and Judah who are co-chairing this year’s EENY. They spoke with such intent and enthusiasm that lit a fire within me to discover more about EE. After learning more about Emily, her story, CF, and nonsense mutations, I knew I had to get involved somehow.”



Kelly Priebe

Fun Fact: “I have a great grandma who lives in Japan and is 100 years old. I swear she has more energy than me!”

Interests/Hobbies: “Volleyball, rollerblading on the beach boardwalk, dog watching and cat sitting”

Why She Got Involved With EE: “I first heard about EE from my older sister Emily. It was so cool to see her be so passionate about an amazing cause and I wanted to help be a part of it.”




Max Priebe 

Fun Fact: “I played 4 sports in school.”

Interests/Hobbies: “Lacrosse, volleyball, football, baseball, learning how to spin and DJ”

Why He Got Involved With EE: “Seeing my sister become so passionate about a cause inspired me to learn more and get involved. When she explained the incredible impact EE is making on so many lives, I felt compelled to become a champion.”




Jessica Rotman

Fun Fact: “Emily and I were sorority sisters at Penn and became fast friends! After graduating, I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel for four years.” 

Interests/Hobbies: “Working as a radiologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and spearheading EE fundraising efforts as Auction co-chair” 

Why She Got Involved With EE: I grew increasingly in awe of EE’s successes from afar, since its founding in 2011. I decided to become more involved last summer, after completion of my residency and fellowship, inspired by Emily’s drive and her Entourage’s unrelenting efforts to find a cure for CF nonsense mutations.”



Shaye Wali 

Bio coming soon! 




If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about EE’s Champion Campaign, please reach out to Kira Rentas at Purchase your tickets to the 4th Annual EENY here and see these amazing champions honored on stage! 

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