Meet the 2018 Emily’s Entourage Champions!

It’s that time of year again! The Emily’s Entourage 2018 Champions Campaign has been working diligently to reach (and exceed!) their fundraising goal of $1,500 per team by the 7th Annual Evening with Emily’s Entourage Gala on December 1. This year, we are so thrilled to have our biggest campaign ever with 20 Champion teams dedicating their time to raise essential funds for research on nonsense mutations of CF!  The 2018 line up includes students, husbands and wives, siblings, and international teams from France and Australia. The race is on for who will be named the 2018 Champion of the Year! 

2017 EE Champions at the 6th Annual “Evening with Emily’s Entourage” Gala! Photo: Lindsay Docherty

2018 Emily’s Entourage Champions


Fun Fact: “We’re trying to visit every continent!” – Nikki & John

Interests/Hobbies: “Dogs, cycling, traveling and wine” – Nikki & John

Why They got Involved with EE: “We had been looking for an organization to volunteer our time and a friend of ours guided us to EE. After attending an event earlier in the year and hearing from Emily, we knew it was the right cause for us!” – Nikki & John




Fun Fact: “I went skydiving with my Dad is Australia!” – Paula

“I was introduced to Emily at yoga!” – Kevin

Interests/Hobbies: “Running, yoga and traveling” – Paula

“Travel, Beaches, Yoga” – Kevin

Why They Got Involved with EE:  “After hearing about Emily’s CF battle and all of the other people who constantly fight each day, I knew that I wanted to be a Champion (again) and create more and more awareness for others to join the entourage and fight against CF.” – Paula 

“I was so inspired by the strength and dedication shown by Emily and the Entourage. It’s so important we find a breakthrough in CF and nonsense mutations, every second matters.” – Kevin




Fun Fact: “After living in three different cities for a few years, we have all returned to Philadelphia” – Julie

“I make a mean pizza from scratch…dough and all!” – Emily

Interests/Hobbies: “Running, skiing and traveling” – Julie

“Golf and basketball” – Jake

“Ultimate frisbee, biking, cooking, and dog snuggling” – Emily

Why They Got Involved with EE: ” I am inspired by Emily’s drive to make a change for herself and many many others.” – Julie

“Emily is an amazing individual and EE is such an inspirational foundation that it’s my honor to be part of this great cause and help fundraise!” – Jake

“Emily and her family and friends have created such an amazing organization that has brought about some amazing medical breakthroughs and brought hope to so many people with CF. It is such an honor to be a part of EE and help in any way I can!” – Emily



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THE ERLBAUM KIDS (Akiva, Dovi, Yonah, Hillel, Shifra)

Fun Fact: This clan has spent many hours raising funds for EE over the years via their famous lemonade stands!

Interests/Hobbies: Basketball, tennis, surfing, skiing, travel, and Fortnite 

Why They Got Involved With EE: They have been champions of EE since its inception. Their mother, Jessica, an EE Board member, used to babysit for Emily when she was 5 years old, and then they later reconnected as adults. Jessica, Jon, and the whole Erlbaum gang quickly fell in love with the Kramer-Golinkoff family and their giving, inspiring natures, and they have been fans and supporters ever since!




Bio Coming Soon!









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Fun Fact: “I have lived in three different states in five years.” – Lauren

“I am deathly allergic to trout and no other fish.” – Sam

Interests/Hobbies: “Traveling, live music, yoga, and reading” – Lauren

“Penn State football, cooking, golf, music, and craft beer” – Sam 

Why They Got Involved With EE: “I attended my first EE gala a few years ago and was truly inspired. Emily’s strength and determination towards fighting CF and finding a cure, all while fighting the disease, is remarkable, unparalleled and impossible to ignore. She has created an Entourage around her that I am proud to be a part of!” – Lauren

“I got involved with EE mainly due to my immediate connection with the Kramer-Golinkoff family. Coby and I were inseparable as kids, so I was able to see Emily’s disease first hand which really gave me a true understanding of what she has to go through everyday. The way Emily fights CF is an inspiration to me, and it makes me so happy that I am able to give back to such a great cause.” – Sam



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Fun Fact: He’s lived in Australia for most of his life and also lived 7 years in Barcelona, Spain for a medical trial with his wife and kids!

Interests/Hobbies: Foreign exchange trading and living near the ocean. 

Why They Got Involved With EE: “Like Emily, I have CF with two nonsense mutations, so any breakthroughs that come through EE will also benefit me. I feel honored to be able to do my bit to support such an amazing charity and believe that research funded through EE is the best hope I have for finding a cure for nonsense mutations of CF.” 




Fun Fact: “I met my wife at sleep-away camp and now both our kids attend the same camp too! (Camp Schodack)” 

Interests/Hobbies: “Skydiving, the Grateful Dead, NJ Devils, and running” 

Why They Got Involved With EE: “My wife has known Emily and her family for 30+ years through life-long family friend, Bronwyn Breitner.  We got involved with EE during the first EENY event and then in 2017 we volunteered to raise money as EE Champions. We are inspired by Emily and her family’s commitment to making an impact every single day.”




Fun Fact: “I used to live in LA where I did ads for Toyota and taught swimming privately in homes.”

Interests/Hobbies: “Tennis, acting, spending time with friends and family” 

Why They Got Involved With EE: “I remember always going into Starbucks Bala and seeing Emily and her mom work tirelessly to build up EE into the organization it is today. Each year I feel even more passionate about EE and their mission, than I did the previous year. I encourage you to learn more about the disease that affects Emily and donate, so maybe next year we won’t have to.”




Fun Fact: “In high school, we heard on the news that the government was about to pass an unfair law regarding the labor market, so we called the ministry’s office and stood up for what was right!” 

Interests/Hobbies: “Movie-making, photography, theater, and sports.” – Emma 

“Writing, learning/speaking English, calling friends, volunteering for EE and Cheer Up!” – Chloe

Why They Got Involved With EE: “Liza & Emily always send us lovely and encouraging messages we couldn’t consider not joining the EE Champs team again this year!” – Emma 

“Committing as an EE champ last year was incredible. Representing the very first International Champions was terrific! We loved every moment of our fundraising campaign! EE has started a fire inside of my heart that will never stop shinning its light.” – Chloe



Fun Fact: “My brother ruined my second birthday party by being born on that day, and while I’ve been stuck sharing the day ever since, he’s the best present I’ve ever received!” – Josh

“I actively raise awareness about middle children – we exist, we live among you, and we’re not going to be forgotten!” – Sam

“My favorite ice cream flavor is banana.” – Zara


Interests/Hobbies: “Trivia, news, a cappella, Philadelphia sports” – Josh

“Cooking, basketball, hiking, movies” – Sam

“Dogs, Michigan football, Grey’s Anatomy, anything with Lin-Manuel Miranda” – Zara

Why They Got Involved With EE: “After undergoing genetic testing as an undergrad at Boston University nearly a decade ago, I never shared that I was a carrier for CF beyond close loved ones. But a few years later, I learned about Emily’s inspiring story and indefatigable spirit, and I am proud that my family has since strongly engaged with EE. I am determined to take the next step with my brother and sister as EE Champs to do our part in the critical fight against CF.” – Josh

“While an undergrad at the University of Pittsburgh, I was tested for a variety of Jewish genetic diseases and was not a carrier for any, but not everyone in my family was as fortunate. After meeting Emily and her inspiring fans, I volunteered at the genius bar at the EE Gala in 2013. EE is paving the way not only for a cure for CF, but also for advancements in individualized genetic therapies that can be used to treat countless other diseases!” – Sam

“For years I have heard about the courage and determination of Emily and the EE team. Now as a physical therapy doctoral student, I’ve been studying the pulmonary system and have learned about the percussion vest and manual percussion treatment for CF, and am dedicated to supporting these efforts.” – Zara


CF IS NONSENSE (Clare McCarthy, Jesse Coffey, Karly Jerman, Alex King, Sam Reffsin, Krishna Trehan)

Fun Fact: “I’m from Minnesota!” – Clare 

“I can change lightbulbs without a ladder!” – Jesse

“I once made a 2.5 foot tall Eiffel Tower out of cake!” – Karley

“I have 27 cousins!” – Alex

“I’ve eaten three chipotle burritos in one sitting on numerous occasions.” – Sam

“In high school, I was accidentally nominated as Homecoming Princess.” – Krishna

Interests/Hobbies: “Running, reading, and spikeball” – Clare

“I love the outdoors, exploring wine country, and anything to do with space” – Jesse

“I really enjoy volleyball, swimming, camping and hanging out with friends.” – Karly

“Volleyball, cello and hanging out with friends” – Alex

“Hiking, running and science” – Sam

“Traveling, playing basketball, and eating pizza.” – Krishna

Why They Got Involved With EE: “I got involved with EE through Julia Kramer-Golinkoff, my roommate and best friend! Through Julia I met Emily and came to know and love their family. I am so happy to have the chance to get more involved in EE, because I think that it is an organization that is truly dedicated to improving healthcare and awareness for people with CF.” – Clare

“Seeing the passion of the EE staff and champions was inspiring. It’s so incredible to see how much they’re accomplishing, and it’s exciting how much progress has been made in the field already! We had to be a part of something so special.” – Jesse

“Julia brought me to an EE event this year and learn more about it. I thought it was a great cause to raise money for and a fun group to get involved with.” – Karly 

“I was inspired to join Emily’s Entourage after seeing the passion that the Kramer-Golinkoff family and the organization’s members have for finding a cure. The progress that has been made due to Emily’s Entourage is incredible and I am excited to be a part of it!” – Alex 

“After interactions with numerous members of EE, and seeing the passion and hope that resonates through the organization, I was hooked. I am looking forward to help the drive to find a cure for CF in any way I can.” – Sam

“I got involved with EE because of the amazing positivity surrounding Emily and her team. Seeing others so passionate about such a great cause made me want to become a part of their effort and help tackle a challenging problem!” – Krishna



Fun Fact: “I have been to Africa!”

Interests/Hobbies: “Running, traveling, soccer, puzzles (mostly KenKen), spending time with my nieces and nephew”

Why They Got Involved With EE:  “My niece has cystic fibrosis. She has access to the “miracle drug” and I want to do what I can to help make that possible for everyone with CF!”





Fun Fact: “My whole life I’ve worn my socks inside out.” 

Interests/Hobbies: Yoga

Why They Got Involved With EE: “Going about my usual Sunday morning yoga routine, I noticed someone new in class and introduced myself, learning her name was Judy Tykocinski. I spent an eye-opening evening at Judy and Mark’s home, heard some great key leaders speak and met the Kramer-Golinkoff family. The next day, I signed on as an EE Champion.”




Fun Fact: “My nickname is ‘Byrd’ because I love trail mix!”

Interests/Hobbies: “Tennis, yoga, and travel”

Why They Got Involved With EE: “As Emily’s family friend, I am in awe of her intelligence and commitment to finding a cure for CF. I actually wrote the very first article about Emily’s Entourage while I was an intern at NBC10 and have always felt connected to the organization since the day it was published. I am eager to get even more involved.”




Fun Fact: “My favorite food is Ethiopian, and the spicier the better. I have a life goal to visit every MLB baseball stadium (I’m around 50%, but they keep knocking them down and rebuilding) an to drive/road-trip the old Route 66 all the way from beginning to end.”

Interests/Hobbies: “Read, quilt, cook, volunteer for my son’s Little League board!”

Why They Got Involved With EE: “My 7-year-old son has homozygous W1282X, and I’m impressed and excited by the new ways Emily’s Entourage is getting researchers to work collaboratively to find a cure. I also really like the focus on research that can be fast-tracked to try to get better medication even sooner.”








Fun Fact: “I will be a fourth generation dentist in my family!”

Interests/Hobbies: “Cooking, baking, puzzles, running, and traveling”

Why They Got Involved With EE: “I have known people with CF for my entire life, and now have spent lots of time learning about the disease in dental school as it has many dental manifestations that effect oral health. I first learned about Emily’s Entourage as a student at Tulane University, where I became friends with Coby and Julia and attended all of the campus EE events. I was immediately inspired by Emily’s story and how incredible this organization and family is. I’ve stayed up-to-date with EE news, and now that I’m in the city where it all started, it’s important to me to share Emily’s story and get my family, friends, and dental network aware of the groundbreaking work of the Entourage. I am so lucky to have my EE family here in Philly and to know and be a part of this incredible Entourage!”



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