Let’s Get Noisy…May Is CF Awareness Month!

May is Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Awareness Month, and it is a month we take seriously at Emily’s Entourage (EE). We firmly believe that spreading awareness, not only about the disease, but about the remarkable people and the inspiring stories behind the disease is critical for achieving our mission of fast breakthroughs and a cure for nonsense mutations of CF. Our quest is not about scientific publications or progress for progress’ sake. It is about people and our deep conviction that every one of those people with CF deserves a future and a deep breath, nobody left behind.


To those who have been part of EE for awhile, you know we never go silent, but this month, we get extra noisy! And to those for whom this is your first CF Awareness Month, welcome to the movement! Get ready to learn, feel connected, and be inspired as we collectively work towards spreading the word and achieving our ultimate goal: fast breakthroughs and a cure for nonsense mutations of CF.


Staying true to tradition, EE will be coming in hot to our social media platforms throughout May to saturate the virtual world with CF facts, inspiration, stories, and science on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to follow us everywhere!

Get a taste of the upcoming daily hashtags:

Want to help spread the word? Like a post, write a comment, or—even better—share the post to do your part to raise awareness and spread EE’s message far and wide! That is all it takes.


Your Facebook page is prime real estate for spreading CF awareness all month long! There are two ways you can turn your Facebook into a powerful billboard:

Change your Facebook cover photo for the month of May

Instructions for changing your cover photo:

Mobile Instructions

  1. Go to the “Send Off CF” cover photo showcased at the start of this blog post. 
  2. Press and hold the image until you see the option “Save Image.” 
  3. Once the image is saved to your camera roll, go to your Facebook Page.
  4. Click on the “Edit” button on your current cover photo, then choose “Upload Photo.” 
  5. Choose the “Send Off CF” image saved to your camera roll, drag to fit, and press “Save.” 

Desktop Instructions

  1. Click on the “Send Off CF” cover photo on the EE Facebook page. 
  2. Double click the image and select “Save Image As…”
  3. Once the image is saved to your computer, head to your Facebook page. 
  4. Click on “Update Cover Photo” in the upper left corner, then choose “Upload Photo…”
  5. Choose the “Send Off CF” cover photo saved to your computer, drag to fit, and press “Save Changes.” 

Add a temporary EE frame to your Facebook profile photo

Instructions for adding a temporary frame to your profile photo:

  1. Go to your Facebook profile picture and click the “Update” camera button, or click here.
  2. Choose “Add Frame.” 
  3. Search for the “EE CF Awareness Month” frame and select! 


At its very core, CF Awareness Month is about education. Being educated about CF and specifically about those with nonsense mutations being left behind by the exciting advances is critical for rallying the masses to create better futures for 100% of the CF community. To get a quick CF 101 course, follow the EE Twitter account for a lightning round fact-of-the-day. You will be an expert in no time!


On Friday, the EE blog will shine a spotlight on remarkable people personally affected by CF in the #CFStrong series. You will hear heartfelt stories from people with CF, parents, and partners to showcase the real impact of CF on people’s lives and the widespread effect it has on families and loved ones. Connect with their experiences, learn the real power of the CF community, and let us all collectively buckle down in our resolve to create breakthroughs and a cure for everyone with CF in no time.

Emily’s Entourage is extremely proud to take part in this important movement spreading awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, the achievements towards a cure, and especially the work that still needs to be done for the final 10%. EE hopes you are inspired to take part in our efforts, bringing us closer to the day when EVERYONE with CF can breathe easier. 

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