Humans of EE: Meet Chloé Plissonneau-Duquene!

Chloé Plissonneau-Duquene, Emily’s biggest fan across the Atlantic

Welcome to “Humans of EE”, our riff on the photography project and phenomenon “Humans of New York“. Humans of EE highlights the remarkable stories and diverse perspectives which weave together to make up our expansive, incredible Entourage. 

Have we got a special person to introduce you to on this edition of “Humans of EE”! Seventeen year old Chloé Plissonneau-Duquene lives 4,000 miles away from Emily, but being in Paris doesn’t stop her from being the most enthusiastic and joyful Emily’s Entourage fan! Chloé was browsing on the Internet some time ago and stumbled upon a video of Emily speaking at the White House. “The second after I finished watching this video, I sent a private message on EE’s page, telling Emily who I was, and how impressed I was by every passionate thing she and her entourage had been doing. I felt so fortunate that she took the time to answer me within a couple of hours: such a beautiful and meaningful message! Touched my heart!”

Chloé also shared what initially struck her about EE, including some words of encouragement for Emily: “My favorite thing about EE is that it is truly being the embodiment of Gandhi’s quote “Be the change you want to see in the world!” Not only waiting for better futures to happen, but creating them… that is something I truly admire!! I would tell Emily to keep on changing the world on such positive ways: the world does need more people like you Emily! As a sister of a 11 year old with a rare genetic condition, you’re giving me hope! Thank you for this! I would also like to share a quote. It is from ancient Greek author Plutarch, and it says ‘What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality’. YOU are making a difference in this world!”

These inspiring words come from a person who is an inspiration of her own — in her free time, Chloé visits teenagers who have cancer and helps them fulfill their wishes through the student organization Cheer Up! “It truly is a fulfilling experience, being able to bring some joy in those hospital rooms”, said Chloé.

Knowing that someone so bright, passionate and wise at such a young age is in our corner all the way across the sea — well, we’re just incredibly proud that someone like Chloé chose EE to support and love!

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