Fall in LovEE with Emily’s Entourage: Meet EENY 2019 Co-Chairs, Emily & Judah

Our next installment of #FallinLovEE with EE includes a very special announcement: Emily Priebe and Judah Levine, co-founders of the community events company Eesho, will be co-chairing our EENY committee with Coby this year and we could not be more delighted! As they recount how they fell in love with Emily’s Entourage (EE), we are extremely humbled and grateful to the amazing members of this Entourage who found us and continue to stay committed to our cause. Thank you! Now, it’s time for the love:

We met Emily, Coby, and the incredible Kramer-Golinkoff family at the EENY 2018 pre-dinner on June 13 at Bottino. We immediately fell for EE when we saw the indomitable spirit and incredible determination of Emily, Coby and the entire Entourage. It would be so much easier to succumb to the cruel progression of Cystic Fibrosis (CF); instead, Emily and her Entourage have decided to fight back to give Emily and everyone like her every possible opportunity to beat the race against time. It was that courage and the ability to do something about it at a world-changing scale that made us truly fall for EE.

After hearing each member of the family share their collective mission to save not only Emily’s life but so many others like her, we were compelled to do whatever we could to help. We planned a rooftop fundraiser with Coby in a matter of a few weeks, A Rooftop Soiree with Emily’s Entourage, calling on our closest friends as performers, sponsors, auction donors, volunteers, and guests. It was so inspiring to see every single person genuinely want to help and emphatically rise to the occasion.

We were compelled to do whatever we could to help.

The Rooftop Soiree was pure magic, with powerful musical performances from Gabi Holzwarth and Lexie Lowell and live art from Ian Sullivan—who we met at EENY 2018. Many of our friends told us in the aftermath that they, too, had been searching to find a guiding light like EE. The fundraiser raised over $10,000 and was, quite simply, the most rewarding experience of our lives. We suspect that may change by the time EENY 2019 rolls around this May!

Click here to watch a video recap of A Rooftop Soiree with Emily’s Entourage!

Our new community-driven company, Eesho, largely sprouted from the relationships cultivated and strengthened by our rooftop fundraiser. We felt a newfound sense of purpose and we attribute it all to EE. It was addicting in the best way possible. It became clear that Emily’s Entourage is a very special community of people fighting for something bigger than all of us. That sense of shared purpose was everything we’d been looking for all our lives. Finding it was true lovEE!

Deciding to be co-chairs for EENY 2019 really came from a sense of unfinished business. We didn’t get involved initially just to say we did a good deed. Our job isn’t complete until we find a cure! We’re honored and humbled to be in this position and we intend to do everything in our power—with the support of our friends—to raise as much money as humanly possible. We know the money will go directly towards funding advanced stage research and that’s what’s needed at this point to reach our ultimate goal of finding a breakthrough for nonsense mutations of CF.

Our job isn’t complete until we find a cure!

At that time of the soiree, EE was the most captivating charitable initiative we had ever been a part of and it wasn’t long until it became personal. We’re lucky to now call Emily and Coby our close friends. And of course we will fight to save our friend’s life, especially when that friend has been the single greatest inspiration of our own lives. We’ll continue fighting until Emily is flying up, up and away in that celebratory hot air balloon! We love you Emily and EE!

The 4th Annual Emily’s Entourage NYC EVENT
Saturday, May 4, 2019
Anderson Contemporary, 180 Maiden Lane
New York, New York
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