Emily’s Entourage Embraces New Leadership

Emily’s Entourage is pleased to announce a new board/committee structure as we move from a startup nonprofit to a more developed, sustainable organization with real, measurable impact.

Emily’s Entourage was born as a labor of love and desperation from the Kramer-Golinkoff family and their friends in 2011, and we are most grateful for the commitment of the original board members and worker bees for building the strong foundation that we stand on today. It is because of their dedication that EE’s mission and reach spread so quickly and has endured.

What started as a small idea on the Kramer-Golinkoff living room floor has now grown into a fully operational organization. Today, Emily’s Entourage features an annual gala and appeal, a wide range of community events, active social media engagement, advocacy, and much more. Most importantly, Emily’s Entourage has raised over $1 million, all of which is going towards driving a robust research pipeline for people with rare mutations of CF who are not benefiting from drugs currently in development. To think that we have come this far in just over three short years is awe-inspiring and deeply humbling.

To be poised for optimal future growth and reach a new level of impact, we have spent the last several months carefully examining and reformatting the leadership structure of Emily’s Entourage. An overarching goal of our reorganization was to efficiently match our leaders with roles that capitalize on their interests and strengths.

This has led to a leaner and more strategic Board of Directors tasked with overseeing organizational priorities, research efforts, fundraising, communications, and outreach. In addition, we established a cadre of committees and subcommittees to focus on execution, drive the everyday excitement of our active Entourage, and pave the way to breakthroughs for Emily and everyone with rare nonsense mutations of CF. We are excited for this new chapter of leadership, and we cannot wait to see how our reformulated Board will continue to propel us forward.

Learn about our new Board of Directors: https://www.emilysentourage.org/about-emilys-entourage/meet-our-board/

Stay tuned for our “Spotlight on…” blog series so you can get to know our new board members as they are featured throughout this week and in the coming months!

Interested in getting more involved? There are endless ways to do so; reach out to us at https://www.emilysentourage.org/contact-us-2/ and let us know what your skills and interests are and we can match you with an appropriate committee and contact person.

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