EExtraordinary Donors: Why I support Emily’s Entourage

Emily’s Entourage has the most generous, thoughtful and dedicated donors! To show our gratitude, we want to shine the spotlight on YOU, the incredible entourage. In this blog series, called EExtraordinary Donors, we learn what drives our wonderful donors to support Emily’s Entourage and the fight to cure Cystic Fibrosis.

Meet EExtraordinary Donor, “Susanna from Allentown, PA.”

What’s your connection to Emily’s Entourage?

Emily has been a lifelong inspiration for me. I met her when she was three years old and although we have not seen each other in years, it is a joy to watch from afar to see the amazing woman she has become. I am so honored to have shared a tiny bit of her life and will always feel a connection. I am very proud of Emily and of her family who obviously surrounds her with love and light.

Why do you give to Emily’s Entourage?

With high hope that fewer children will have to endure this heartbreaking, painful and horrid disease.

What impact do you hope your gift will have?

I know it is a drop in the pan, but we will continue to support EE in any way we can!

Thank you Susanna for being one of our amazing EE donors and friends!

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Thank you!

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