EE Interview with Stoney Clover Lane’s Kendall Glazer

Emily’s Entourage recently interviewed Kendall Glazer, co-founder of Stoney Clover Lane, a company that makes bracelets worn by many celebrities, including Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and John Mayer, about starting and running a company as a college student and her connection to Emily’s Entourage.

Check out her answers below to see why we’re OBSESSED with this bracelet-making, southern-living, charity-giving, college-attending rockstar of a girl!

EE: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How old are you? Where do you go to school?

My name is Kendall Glazer. I am a senior at Tulane, majoring in sociology.

EE: Can you tell us more about Stoney Clover Lane (SCL)? When did it start? What was your motivation for starting it?

My sister and I started SCL the summer before my freshman year of college. We have now been doing it for three years. The idea for the company began on our bedroom floor — we were bored and decided to make bracelets. When people saw the bracelets, they immediately wanted to buy them and so we decided to begin selling them.

At the same time, we also learned about the Dream Foundation, an organization that grants final wishes to adults with life-threatening illnesses. We thought it would be perfect to combine our passions for bracelets and charity, so we decided to sell the bracelets and use the profits to benefit the Dream Foundation as well as other organizations and charities.

EE: What’s the most rewarding part of SCL?

The most rewarding part is contributing to so many amazing causes. We put so much effort into SCL, so it really important to us to carefully select the various organizations that we use our proceeds to help support.

Typically, we donate between 25 and 100 percent of proceeds from bracelet sales to charities. We have worked with a wide variety of people and causes. We really try to diversify the charities with which we work.

Our ultimate goal is to help people in anyway we can and we have seen that people really appreciate what we are doing! The responses we get  through email and personal stories emphasize what a difference we can make. In the end, SCL is really just about bringing all different people together for a good cause.

EE: Running a company and being a student is a LOT of work!! How do you do it all?

At first, it was hard to figure it all out, but our friends have been really amazing at helping us balance everything. Each week, we set aside a specific amount of time to make our orders, update the website and email our customers. Every day, we also spend time tweeting, instagramming and facebooking to get the word out about SCL!

EE: What is your connection to EE? Why did you decide to create an EE bracelet?

I go to college at Tulane with Emily’s brother, Coby, so I first learned about EE from the video Coby made last year. I immediately contacted him to ask how I could help. It is such an amazing cause!

Coby has made so many people at Tulane and other colleges so excited to get involved and give back, which is incredible. It is so nice to work with EE because I have seen the enormous impact that a few students on a college campus can make. What originally started as a small facebook group at Tulane became a huge on-campus fundraising event! Now the EE tank is the most worn tank top on campus!

I knew creating an EE bracelet was something that could easily be done to help raise awareness about EE and Cystic Fibrosis. The bracelet is similar to our other bracelets, but it has such a special meaning behind it.

EE: How are you involved with EE at Tulane?

At Tulane, I organized a day to showcase the EE bracelet to students. I also helped plan the “Throw Down at Uptown for Emily’s Entourage” fundraising event that raised over $14,000 in April. I am always trying to come up with creative fundraising ideas and help in anyway I can.

EE wants to extend a HUGE thank you to Kendall and everyone at Stoney Clover Lane for their incredible generosity and support!

To purchase Stoney Clover Lane’s Emily’s Entourage bracelets, click on the links below:

NOTE: 100 percent of proceeds benefit Emily’s Entourage



Kendall (pictured on the right) with her sister and SCL co-founder, Libby.

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