EE Board Member Spotlight: Heather Braver

We are very excited to continue “The EE Board Spotlight Series,” which highlights different members of the Emily’s Entourage Board of Directors. What better way to really get to know our Board members than by providing the random, funny, interesting and revealing information that you just don’t find in a formal bio paragraph. Today, we are thrilled to spotlight Heather!

My name is: Heather BraverHeather

Last TV show I watched: Shameless

Last song I listened to: Some top 40 tune in the car with the kids.

Something people don’t know about me: I’ve secretly wished to be a famous singer!

My favorite gift I’ve ever received: The golden retriever my parents gave us for our wedding present. We named her Copley after the Boston hotel where we married. We had her for 14 wonderful years. She welcomed the arrival of each of our 5 human children.

My first job: News reporter and anchor for AM news radio station in Laconia, New Hampshire. Salary: 12-thousand dollars a year!

My favorite quote:The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything they have.”

My favorite vacation destination: Martha’s Vineyard where we pull fresh clams out of the sand and steam them, bike for hours, read books and drink coffee at the Black Dog.

My favorite food: Fresh seafood and warm chocolate chip cookies.

If I was stuck on a deserted island with only one item, it would be: A Kindle!

My role model (and why): There are many greats that I admire (like Emily Kramer-Golinkoff for example). I have to choose my own mother because she has instilled in me important values by which she lives. We lived very simply growing up. We valued our good health above all & were raised to help others whenever we could. I was taught to work hard, to show love, warmth and affection and to pursue my passions.

My best friend would use the following 5 words to describe me:
1. Loyal
2. Family Minded
3. Optimistic
4. Adventurous
5. Witty

At EE, I work on: The communications committee that tries to educate people about the purpose of Emily’s Entourage and how we are raising awareness and money to prolong life for people like Emily with CF and other “orphan diseases” that don’t get enough funding or attention. I’m also thrilled to be working on this year’s auction and gala scheduled for December 5th.

My connection to EE: I first met Emily’s mom Liza 8 years ago and we became fast friends. When I met the whole Kramer-Golinkoff family and learned of Emily’s battle with cystic fibrosis I knew I would join the cause in anyway I could. Emily is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever met in my life.

I learned about CF when I was in my twenties and hosted the Easter Seals telethon every year. I met many families whose children had CF and I was very troubled to learn how frightening and cruel the disease is. CF patients often struggle to breath because of thick, sticky mucous that builds up and is hard to clear.

The most rewarding part of EE: For me, it’s knowing of course that I am helping many people with CF. But it’s especially gratifying for me to be able to show Emily and her family that they are not alone. We are together in this, along with dozens of incredible people in our community who are unified in a common goal.

My vision for EE: We continue to grow nationally and across college campuses. I hope the money we raise (which is already being put to very good use in some of the world’s top medical research labs) finds a lifesaving treatment for Emily as she races against time. The broader picture here is that this research can potentially help many other people with underfunded diseases who feel helpless right now.

I love being on the board of EE because: I adore Emily and her family and want to help directly in prolonging and improving her life. Selfishly I enjoy being around her because she enriches my life and inspires me in ways she probably doesn’t realize. The EE volunteers are some of the most hard working lovely grounded people I have known and sitting around the table together working with each other is a pleasure and an honor.

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