#Throwback Thursday: Some of our favorite memories with Emily!

Hello everyone! It’s Jess here, and I wanted to ask you to join me and all of EE in wishing Emily a VERY happy birthday!!! For Throwback Thursday, we wanted to celebrate Emily turning the big 2-9 by SURPRISING her with some of our favorite memories together! So without further ado…

Happy birthday! You enrich all of our lives in so many ways and we have had the most wonderful experiences with you. It was a pleasure for all of us to reflect on our special moments together and we hope they make you smile and laugh today. Enjoy!

Starting at a young age, Emily was asserting herself in the classroom and creating special traditions with her family…

It was Thanksgiving of 1990, and our kindergarten class was having a big feast. Half of us were dressed up as Pilgrims, and the other half were dressed up as Native Americans. Emily (or Emmie, as she was known in those days) decided at the last minute that the elastic chin strap of her Pilgrim hat was unbearable, and took off the hat. Our teacher was NOT pleased, and commanded Emily to put the hat back on. Emily did not obey. Instead, she took off for the coat room, and the teacher began to chase her, waving the paper Pilgrim hat around in the air as she ran. The vision of Emily, with our kindergarten teacher (who was as wide as she was tall) chasing her around and around the coat room, each yelling about the Pilgrim hat, always brings a smile to my face!

~Megan Lewis

My absolute best memories of growing up with Emily are our family Christmas’s! Emmie and family would spend the night and we would wake up early and tear into our Christmas stocking gifts. One year there was an extra stocking….Which was how Liza and Mikey told Emmie, my brother Cameron and me that there was a little brother on the way! Here’s a pic of us at our Christmas dinner – with a crown from our Christmas table poppers. A family tradition. I know, you’re so jealous of my stone-washed overalls. ~Bronwyn Breitner

I remember being so excited to see Emily at the Inn at Duck Creek in Cape Cod in the summers. We played on the beach and loved exploring the Inn, especially the welcome desk where our friend Nancy held post. This summer, I say the Gelda’s and The K-G’s plan a trip back to the Cape- perhaps we can re-enact the scene in this picture 😉 Happy Birthday Emily!!! Sending so much love. ~Jenny Gelda

Below is one of my favorite pictures of Emily, Coby and I in Cape Cod where Emily decided that Michal was the “much cooler Trope” and, by default, Coby and I became best friends. Emily was definitely my ‘big sister’ growing up in that I both looked up to her and feared her immensely 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY! ~Lee Trope

I’m not the only member of the Entourage who was lucky enough to become best friends with Emily back when we worshipped boy bands and wore braces on our teeth…

One of my favorite Emily memories is also one of my earliest Emily memories. I got to know Emily (and the rest of the awesome KG family) when Emily and I were in the hospital together in 7th grade. Among other things, we passed our time by putting together a potato chip taste test for the nursing staff. I don’t remember which chip won, but we definitely made some new nurse friends that day! ~Nina Shabbat


In middle and high school Emily and I would fall asleep on the phone together nearly every night, our conversation going back and forth between studying Spanish and discussing the oh-so-dramatic events of our daily lives. I miss those days of waking up with the house phone still on my pillow, knowing my best friend was waking up the same way. I love you Emily, Happy Birthday!
~Carly Baker Noorani

In college, Emily continued to develop lasting friendships and her laughter was always contagious…

~Fran Brody

#TBT High-level (not medium) fist pumping with PLEZ for EKGs birthday
~Kim Caramanica

#TBT: EKG starring in cab photos 10 years and counting
~Amy Inlander








One experience I’ll always remember is when Emily and I went to London for Spring Break during our sophomore year of college. Our trip was fraught with lots of unplanned difficulties: from having to lug our gigantic suitcases which outweighed both of us long distances, to making two ER visits for an infected arm (mine), to scrambling to find a new hotel last minute when things fell through. We bickered over the merits of visiting the London eye and stayed up late giggling about our (crazy and wild spring break) adventures to the Wax Museum. Our trip wasn’t smooth sailing, but I still get a huge grin on my face when I think about how easy it was to make the best of a bad situation because I was with my best friend. Happy birthday Em! Love you!
~Lisa Friedman

#TBT Always making Kissy Faces!!
~Marissa Freeman

We may have been forced to face the real world after college graduation, but the fun times certainly didn’t end there…

Dancing around Megan’s bay house with kitchen utensils singing MMM-BOP– then repeating this glorious moment on the dance floor at Jess and Jordan’s wedding. Classic EKG memory!
~Amanda Foskett

Since Emily and I are the last two of our college friends left in Philadelphia, we’ve had the privilege of traveling to destinations near and far together for visits and celebrations. Although not so humorous at the time, we’ve had some great adventures, like racing home to beat a hurricane or being stuck on the same block in Manhattan in standstill traffic for almost 3 hours after a wrong turn sent us through the Midtown Tunnel. While these experiences were slightly less than fun, I could think of no one else I’d rather have been with during this crazy situations. Long conversations with a great friend help pass the time much more quickly!
~Julie Wertheimer

I think my FAVORITE Emily memory is last year, on her birthday, when we were having a very aggressive conversation about vaccinations, and then shamed our server into getting a flu shot upon learning he hadn’t had one.
~Liz Fox

As for me, it was hard to choose just one….

After a decade of friendship, Emily and I had the best time living together in The Sterling after college. We ate POUNDS of raisins, watched all the same TV shows, and our dinner conversations stretched on for hours. Coming home together after a night out, we would eat pretzels together and recap all the random moments that had occurred. We knew each other’s routines as well as we knew our own and we fit together as roommates perfectly. I’ll never forget our housewarming party, where Emily and I laughed so hard we were LITERALLY rolling on the floor of her bedroom in hysterics. I can’t recall what we found so funny, but sharing moments where we laughed until tears streamed down our faces was a common and wonderful experience. Living with a best friend is a true joy in life. #roomies #LCandLO #raisinoverdose #taconight

Emily, we love you beyond words and we all look forward to adding to this list and making many MANY more hilarious, meaningful, one-of-a-kind memories with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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