EE Showcases CF Warriors for CF Awareness Month

In honor of CF Awareness Month, Emily’s Entourage featured a CF Warrior on our Facebook page each Wednesday in May. The goal of the series was to put a face to this disease and showcase the amazing people who are living productive, fulfilling and inspiring lives despite having Cystic Fibrosis.

It was such a privilege to highlight such extraordinary members of the CF community. We hope that our Facebook followers were able to see WHO we’re fighting for in our desperate quest for a CF cure. Most of all, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to and admiration for all of the incredible CF Warriors we featured as well as the thousands of other CF warriors who fight this disease with every breath, every single day of their lives.

Here’s a recap of our CF Warrior campaign:

Warrior #1 was a man that needs no introduction — the one and only Josh Mogren. Learn more about Josh at Welcome to Joshland: The Blog & The YouTube Channel; watch his amazing work teaching children the importance of self-care at Moganko For Cystic Fibrosis Awareness; and listen to his original podcasts on a full range of topics at Joshland Unfiltered Podcast.




















Warrior #2 was the adorable Drew, who is only 3 years old with curly hair, beautiful blue eyes and a smile that will melt your heart.  You can read more about Drew and his supermom Erin’s CF journey at Doin’ It For Drew!
























Warrior #3 was our very own Emily of Emily’s Entourage. In all the hype, it’s easy to lose sight of the motivation behind EE. These facts are a sobering reminder of how hard Emily and everyone with CF work every single day just to live as normal and productive a life as possible. And yet they’re out there getting graduate degrees, climbing the career latter, raising families and pursuing passions — not letting CF hold them back from reaching for their dreams!














Warrior #4 was Christy Hubbard Hamilton. Don’t let her beauty fool you. This superwoman takes CF Warrior to a whole new level! She’s a living lung AND kidney transplant recipient, which means both came from living organ donors. On top of that, she’s a loving mother, wife and constant source of hope and support in the CF community. Totally amazing, right?! You can read about her journey with CF and transplant on her blog at and learn about the The Lung Transplant Foundation at

Last, but certainly not least, Warrior #5 was Emily Schaller. Emily lives out-loud in every single way. She’s a rockstar — no, but seriously, she’s a drummer in a band and founder of the awesome Rock CF Foundation. She’s a marathon runner with her original CF lungs. And last but not least, though Emily is one of the lucky 4% of people with CF who benefit from the life-changing new drug Kalydeco, she is using her experience to continue to advocate and fundraise for the CF community. We can’t think of anything more noble than that!

An enormous THANK YOU to all of our CF warriors!! You are truly the motivating force behind everything we do here at EE.

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