Meet The 2017 New York Emily’s Entourage Champions

About The Champions Campaign

The Emily’s Entourage Champions Campaign recognizes and applauds young professional leaders helping to make a difference in the quest to cure CF. The campaign has run for two years in our Philadelphia market, but this year we are highlighting our New York based champions for this year’s New York event.

Nominated in recognition of their philanthropic spirit and community involvement, the 2017 Emily’s Entourage Champions leverage their personal networks to each reach a fundraising goal of $1,500 (or more!) by our New York event on April 22nd.

We’re blown away by the commitment and passion of these young professionals and we’re excited to recognize their amazing efforts at our New York event this year, including awarding the champion that raises the most money the EE “Champion of the Year.”

Meet the 2017 New York EE Champions!

2017 New York Emily’s Entourage Champions


Bio: A New York City resident, Alex is currently an Account Executive at Tory Burch.

Fun Fact: While learning how to snowboard, I broke both of my wrists at the same time. I wish I could say it was attempting to do a trick but I was definitely on the bunny slope.”

Why Alex Got Involved In EE: “Coby & I went to elementary school together so we have been family friends for many years. We reconnected freshman year of college at Tulane University. My junior year I was abroad & saw that Coby had posted a video about Emily’s Entourage. The video was so inspiring that I contacted him while I was abroad to let him know that once I was back I had to be involved. The rest is history!”



Bio: A Tulane graduate who currently works as a Senior Account Executive at MWWPR and roots for bad NY sports team in his free time (Mets, Jets, Rangers).

Fun Fact: “I meditate every day.”

Why Jake Got Involved In EE: “I was incredibly inspired by the 2016 NY Event and wanted to be more involved this year.”



Bio: A Justworks Account Executive who loves the Golden State Warriors fan and enjoys investing, sports analytics, and craft beer.

Fun Fact: “I’ve been on Jimmy Kimmel during the 2015 NBA Finals for a comedy sketch. I’ve never broken any bones, although I’ve torn my ACL twice (I guess that’s not really fun). Currently, favorite food is gumbo.”

Why Sanoop Got Involved In EE: “I have been wanting to get involved with a non-profit since I moved to NYC, but just haven’t found the time. Carly is a really good friend of mine and when she told me about Emily and all that they have already accomplished, it was inspiring. I think sometimes people want to do good things in the community but the causes they give to are too broad and general. I like the sense of community and camaraderie you can build from a more personal cause like Emily’s Entourage.”



Bio: Sandy & Greg live in Brooklyn with their two kids, Nili and Shai. Sandy started working at NBC News as an intern in college and has been working in TV news ever since. She has been a field producer, a social media editor, and now works on a team that produces events at CNBC as a Senior Producer. Greg has been working in digital media since 1999, first at the New York Times Digital and then at the Luxury Link Travel Group. Last year Greg was recruited to launch the US footprint and expand operations for Israeli ad-tech company EDGE226 as head of US Sales. 

Fun Fact: Sandy and Greg met at sleep away camp. They both went to Camp Schodack in the Berkshires for over 10 years. Technically, they met during Sandy’s first summer in 1987, but they started dating many, many years later. Their daughter Nili is going to Camp Schodack for the first time this summer. 

Greg became an Israeli citizen after college and served as a paratrooper in the Israeli army. He speaks Hebrew to their kids and their whole family have visited Israel many times together.

Why Sandy & Greg Got Involved In EE: “Sandy grew up with Bronwyn, one of the EE event co-chairs. She’s been hearing about Emily for years and years. Bronwyn has always talked about her like she was another sibling. In the past few years seeing what the Entourage is doing up close has really blown our minds. We are beyond inspired by how much Emily has achieved. We thought that if Emily, who has to fight for every breath, can wake up each day and work towards a cure not just for her but for millions of other people, certainly we could help too. We knew that sitting back and doing nothing to help was not an option. We also admire Emily’s incredible family. They are the most positive, uplifting, smiley people we’ve ever met. Rather than wallow in the hardships that life has delivered, all they do is love and support each other, and live to make a difference for others. We hope our family has a fraction of their energy and strength. Emily and her family are the reason we got involved.”



Bio: Boston University graduate who currently works as a Senior Wealth Strategy Associate, UBS and lives in Manhattan with her cute hubby, Adam.

Fun Fact: “I have a black belt in Karate and love 90s rap music.”

Why Jackie Got Involved In EE: “After meeting Emily and her family I was truly inspired and really think Emily is an inspiration to us all. Raising money for this campaign feels like the least I can do but still feels like I am helping even if just in a small way!”




Bio: A Brooklyn resident who works at creative agency Loyalkaspar and loves reading, going to art museums, Karaoke, cooking, traveling and watching live music.

Fun Fact: “I have two knuckle tattoos on my right hand – the circle reminds me that everything I put out into the world will come back to me in some way, shape or form and the eye reminds me to stay awake and be present.”

Why Hanna Got Involved In EE: “I believe it is important to help each other!”



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