Guest Blog Post: Why Tori is bringing Emily’s Entourage to her college campus

We’re so happy to bring you a special guest blog post from Tori Levin, a committed member of the Entourage, who attended the first-ever Emily’s Entourage college meeting on August 5th. Below Tori shares a summary of the meeting and explains why she is so motivated to bring Emily’s Entourage down south when she heads back to Vanderbilt University this Fall.

Huge thank you to Tori for contributing this awesome guest post and all of the amazing young people who came to the college meeting eager to change the world by helping to put an end to this horrific disease once and for all.  We are so grateful and blown away!

Tori Levin, a sophomore at Vanderbilt University and committed member of Emily's Entourage

Hi, my name is Tori and I am a sophomore at Vanderbilt University. In the coming semester, I hope to start the Vanderbilt chapter of Emily’s Entourage. Over the past couple of years, I have heard frequently about all the amazing things that Emily’s Entourage has done. This year, I decided that I wanted to help make a difference and get involved with EE myself.

On August 5th, I attended the first-ever Emily’s Entourage college meeting. Students from all around the Philadelphia-area came to share first-hand experiences of their involvement with Emily’s Entourage at their colleges. At the meeting, I learned about all the amazing things that have been happening on college campuses all over the country to benefit Emily’s Entourage.

For example, students at Delaware threw an Emily’s Entourage party in a donated venue and raised over $3,000! At the University of Arizona, they raised over $500 for Emily’s Entourage by collaborating with places like Jamba Juice. At Michigan, Emily’s Entourage was included as a charity for their Greek Week fundraising competition and was able to raise $6,000 while spreading Emily’s message to thousands of people. At NYU, Emily’s Entourage is making strides to cement itself as an official student organization. Finally, we heard about Tulane, the one that started it all.

The Tulane chapter of Emily’s Entourage has flourished and grown over the past 1.5 years. It has become such a campus presence that EE is now talked about on tours and information sessions as a model student organization. Emily is practically a celebrity on Tulane’s campus! In fact, more than one in every seven students owns an EE tank top!

After hearing about all the amazing things being done on campuses across the country, I feel inspired to get the ball rolling for EE at Vanderbilt. I can only hope that the work I do at Vanderbilt will have the same success as it has had at Tulane and the other schools. Every little thing that these students have done helps us move closer towards our goal of spreading awareness, and ultimately, finding a cure for CF.

After we concluded the meeting, everyone, including me, was excited and ready to start making a difference in our communities! The first annual Emily’s Entourage college meeting was a success and I can’t wait to hear about all the creative efforts that everyone will be doing on behalf of Emily and EE in the coming year!

If you are interested in bringing Emily’s Entourage to your high school or college campus, please email

See Below for some pictures of the meeting and EE in action at Tulane and Michigan University!


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