Eat A Cookie, Find A Cure

From time to time we invite guest bloggers who are part of the EE community to contribute their unique voices to our blog. Today’s guest blogger is longtime EE treasure Julie Zibelman, the creative mind behind so many EE magical moments — like this delicious cookie fundraiser! 

Whenever I’ve been asked how I became so closely connected to Emily’s Entourage and the KG family behind the purple E’s, the most vivid memory always comes to mind.  

It was a Saturday afternoon in Narberth Park. It was the morning of the Narberth CF run, a run I had done many times before. Running for a cause was nothing foreign to me but certainly no one, particular cause was close to my heart.

This Saturday across the field, EE’s were everywhere.  

I had heard of Emily’s Entourage and had even met “the” Emily but had never put “the TWO” together.  

The Emily I knew was a customer. A vibrant, tenacious marketing liaison in Penn Medicine’s Marketing Department.  

I was her vendor and provided promotional products and apparel items on many occasions. Our interactions were precise, seamless, meticulous. Never would I have believed this was the face of EE’s Emily. Never.

So this Saturday morning, the commanding officer was officiating the pack. She was wearing EE all over her body and face. Liza Kramer, mother and agent to Emily Kramer-Golinkoff commandeered the crew smack in the middle of Narberth park.  

Without any hesitation, I knew I had to get to the bottom of The Entourage, its mission and its people.  After being introduced to just two of the clan, Liza and EE President, Annie Kramer-Golinkoff, my hero of all heroes, I was hooked.

I was quickly and so enthusiastically informed about Emily, Cystic Fibrosis, the many adventures going on to make differences in finding a cure. In the midst of all of this, Liza trying to find out more about me. Who I was, about my kids, my dogs, my job and introducing me around. It was like hitting a force of energy I’d never felt, one I instantly admired and so much wanted to be a part of. I was IN.

Emily’s Entourage is pioneering the way to finding a cure for her rare mutation for Cystic Fibrosis already raising millions. This not only helps Emily but so many others with nonsense mutations where little research was done before.

Through constant strength, perseverance and community, we’ll get to a cure. Counting on our Entourage, is how we will get there. Every small donation along the way makes a difference, which is why we’re doing our small part by selling these Emily’s Entourage cookies!

Cookies are something everyone enjoys, and now you can send these fresh baked cookies as a gift or order a set for yourself and indulge knowing that the proceeds will go directly toward Emily’s Entourage.

Grab a box here – Every contribution gets us one step closer to a cure.


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