An Inspired Poem

Although we may be biased, we’re pretty sure we have the most incredible Entourage around! Every single day you manage to reach out to us, and touch us in the most thoughtful ways. A very special Entourage member was inspired by Emily to compose an original poem and we are so touched, we simply had to share it with all of you! Julie Zibelman Wool is an integral and enthusiastic member of EE and she has provided a little background as to how she came to be a part of the Entourage, along with her beautiful poem. Julie, we love you!

I first met Emily through my job, and it actually had absolutely nothing to do with EE. At the time, Emily was part of the Marketing Department at Penn Medicine and true to form, when Emily contacted me, she was very attentive to the task at hand. I sell promotional products, and she was in the market for them. When we spoke, she was concise, focused and just like now, I would have never guessed Emily was living with CF.

I feel so lucky. Finding out a few years later that Emily is the Emily of EE, and getting to know her on a personal level rather than just a professional level has changed me. Determination is not a new word for me but Emily has redefined it. In all my life, I have never met a woman, a family or an organization that is more tied together with love– genuine love. Being around the Kramer-Golinkoff family didn’t make me ask myself “what can I do?” instead, I immediately felt “what can’t I do?”

I love having a role in the Entourage but to be honest, I also really cherish my alone time with Emily and her family. They make me happy.

When it all feels too heavy
And you can’t take a breath
I’m told it’s just like living
When you’re born with CF

In order to have a glimpse in the world of my friend
I was told to take a straw and pinch it on one end

“Now try to inhale, what’s your impression?”
“There’s no air, I can’t breathe was that intention?”

Pinching its center and trying to breathe
How could anyone ever succeed?

Now picture yourself
Doing this
But there’s no straw
Take it away

My trailblazing friend
Doesn’t let this stop her for sure
She’s on a mission, a hunt
We need a CURE

So just like our fearless leader
We will stop at nothing short of a fight
Our Entourage is fully loaded and ready
We will do the deep breaths
Emily, hold on tight!

We love you!

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